Blueprint with Eloquent driver v.s. Plain Eloquent

Hi guys!

Currently I'm discovering the possibilities to build a webshop with Statamic. Defining my categories, static pages, blogs, et cetera, using blueprints makes a lot sense to me.

However, when talking about orders, and products, we can argue about what definition and storage type we should you.

For example, lets take the orders... What is the benefit of using a blueprint with the eloquent driver attached? The order contains a lot of business logic, so it sounds attractive to use a plain eloquent model.

The same counts for products. In my project products are managed by an external service. Which means that products are not (and cannot) be managed in the webshop itself.

I understand that blueprints have a lot of advantages like predefined endpoints (on the user side), cp management pages, et cetera.

But where do we draw the line, choosing for blueprints with the eloquent driver or choosing for plain eloquent models?

I'm curious about your thoughts!

Regards, Bob

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