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Manual installer?

Dave Feline March 31, 2021 by Dave Feline


I used Statamic v1 a while back and was very impressed with how easy it was to install and get a site up and running. I did not get to using it on any client sites back then (long story), but I now have a contract in the bag to build several dozen sites for a client and I am looking to what platform to use... and Statamic ticked a lot of boxes!

Version 1 was so easy, upload files to a server and it just worked. I now see the old installation method has now gone(?) and you need to be a flipping programmer to install it.

My question, is the old way of installing still available? I'm a frontend guy and don't want to be messing around with complicated programming its too much for my poor head.

Or should I look for alternatives, Craft and Expression Engine are my other options, the siutes will need a lot of custom fields..

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