Building simple landing pages using Statamic without code?

Hi. I've built websites for small business for years, but I only started scratching surface with Statamic. I love the speed and simplicity of the dashboard, and I'm clearly see how I could use it for some of my own websites.

But there's a thing I did not get yet, and I can't find any examples how it should be done correctly (or if it's even possible) in Statamic. For example I want to create a landing page - multiple rows, each one having couple of columns. One column in the row is image, another - text and a link or a button, etc. Like here on Laravel's homepage - .

I know that it could be done by adding Bard, and adding new sets in it with prebuilt grid. But what if some of my clients want to make a simple landing page by themselves? To swap elements in a grid, or to add a third column, or add additional button in one of the columns?

P.S. a video "how to build landing page using Statamic" would be great!

Thanks, Tomas

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