Question regarding navigation logic

Dear friends of Statamic,

I'm currently at the beginning of the adventure teaching myself statamic. Please bear with me, I'm not that experienced.

While building a navigation like in I'm coming across a behaviour I don't understand.

My pages tree look like this:

  • home
  • musicians
    • marc
    • cedric
  • projects
    • album
    • single

I have the following code for the second level navigation:

{ nav:collection:pages :from="segment_1" }}
        {{ if ! no_results}}
            <li><a class="text-gray-100 text-m p-6 block" href="{{ url }}">{{ title }}</a></li>
        {{ /if }}
{{ /nav:collection:pages }}

my problem

When I'm on the homepage, the second level navigation shows me two entries, musicians and projects. As far as I understand (which is obviously wrong), those two entries are in segment_1 so on home, no sub navigation should be shown.

Can somebody point me into the right direction of what I'm doing wrong?


Answered by Stefan Kempf!
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