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Installation Problems - 'zsh: command not found: statamic'

David Horn April 24, 2021 by David Horn

Hi all - can't wait to get started on Statamic, as I look for a solid WP alternative.

I am though running into an issue in getting a local install set up.

  • I have composer installed :)
  • running 'composer global require statamic/cli' seems to go well :)
  • however, running 'statamic new site-name' returned 'zsh: command not found: statamic'

I have read this post about a similar / identical situation and followed steps from the Stack Overflow article in there, and now, when I echo $PATH this is what is returned:


(I had to manually create the .bashrc file - i.e. it wasn't already there)

When I navigate to ~/.composer/vendor/bin, inside that folder is 'statamic' and 'yaml-limit'.

I have also closed / re-opened Terminal at each step during this process.

I hope I'm missing something super obvious and I'm really hoping you'll be able to help me with this, and help drag my web dev business into the 21st century after 15 years of fighting a million plugins!

Many thanks in advance,


Answered by Paul Whittle!
>>>>>>> Answered <<<<<<<
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