Non-statamic subfolder for testing?

Hi. I have a statamic site running on a live server at root level, and this is the only live server I have access to.

While I'm mucking around with other work I would like to have a place to test bits of html out, away from the workings of statamic, e.g., in a folder /temporary-tests/. At the moment statamic has control over everything and I don't know enough to faff with htaccess without some help.

I don't need to bother too much with security as it's not high-profile and would only be for a few minutes now and then. I do already have a local test server but sometimes I want to check things across devices and this is would help with quick and dirty tests.

Hope that makes sense and that someone can help me out. Thanks.

Answered by Rommert van der Marel!
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