So there I was, composing a really awesome and spiffy post in the tech support area about how I finally figured out how to do what I'm calling "XXXXXXXXXXXX" to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (more about that another time!), when I accidentally totally nuked myself, and I mean BAD-- and I lost my whole post.


I foolishly pasted in a short snippet of HTML.

Come to find out, this snippet, or one like it, is guaranteed to instantly trash any post-in-progress hereabouts. (I've verified this a few times. Sorry if that's cluttering up a log file somewhere.)

So (ahem) obviously I can't paste the actual code snippet here. But, I can paste a neutered version, where the <s and >s have been replaced by {s and }s. (drumroll) Here goes...

  1. OK, I did paste it, but I'm not crazy enough to leave it there. This is the eXpurgated version.

  2. In the version I pasted, that's not exactly the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX... tag I originally had, but it'll do.

  3. Honest, this is not a hoax. I'm passing all this info along because--with proper brackets angular and not the squirrelly (Now XXX'd) ones shown above--the darn thing worked, right on the spot! *POOF!* I was outa there!

And like I said, I could hit my browser's back button 'til all the ruminants returned to their proper domicile, but every time I tried, all I got for my efforts was a fresh puff of smoke. Which is too bad, because I just wanted to recover my very brilliant text-composed-so-far, but... nuttin' doin'.

But, BUT, but...

That's not my point!

My point is, you Gentlemen might want to take a very long and hard fresh look at all the battens on the hatches, as it were, to make sure all pasted-in code in lodge posts is rendered completely nil-potent, bar none.

I mean, I'm just an idiot. What if a genuine bad guy had came along!?