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Built with Statamic - both large and small

James Blair October 27, 2014 by James Blair

Hey Everyone - wanted to share these two sites that we Launched recently over at LionsMouth Digital. Hopefully these can show some of the power that's behind Statamic and the types of things that are possible to build using it.

The first: Insurors Indemnity This site has a lot going on. It is 1,000+ pages, has extensive search functionality, and has a member dashboard that only their agents can access to get up to date documents, training, and communications. Big shout out to the guys at FileClerk for making that part possible!

The second: Common Desk A really popular co-working spot in Dallas, TX - Common Desk really embodies the startup and small business owners in Dallas. With a kinda funky vibe, bright orange colors, and really cool space to showcase - we loved getting to build this one, but its only phase 1. Phase 2 will be another members only section! Coming soon...

Thanks for checking them out! Hope you enjoy...

Sidenote: If you're interested in being on call to do work using Statamic - we're looking to bring on a hired hand soon. Give me a shout: [email protected]

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