Translating collections/taxonomy slugs

While evaluating Statamic I ran into the following issues:

  1. Is it possible to translate / customize the slug of a taxonomy / collection?

    I see that it is possible for the taxonomy term, but not for the taxonomy itself. For example I created the taxonomy colors with the term red. The term slug can be changed to rot for my German based audience. However, the whole url will be colors/rot and I would like to make it farben/rot instead.

    I realized that I am able to use custom routes to somehow achieve this:Route::statamic('farben', 'colors.index');

    However, collection/taxonomy filters still don't work. They require the handle instead of a custom slug.

    So I was wondering if there's no easy straightforward way of customizing/translating the slug for collections and taxonomies?

    For example, even if I set a custom slug for blog articles in collections like so: artikel/{slug} if I filter by taxonomy via the url I still have to use the English handles in order to make it work: articles/colors

  2. Also I realized that it seems like taxonomies / collections cannot be managed via the control panel. Or did I miss this? Is there a way to make a blueprint for the main taxonomy (not the terms) or the collection (not the entries)? This way I would be able to manage content for these pages through Statamic and not through the view files.

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