Can't run Statamic on IIS or XAMPP

What I am doing

I am new to statamic, and I am trying to install it on windows. All the documentation and tutorials are shown on mac and seem to use Laravel Vallet. Witch as far as I can tell is Mac OS only. So I can install it using the instructions found here with composer. I have also tried to install it this way using a github repo and prebuilt template. Following this video is no help either.

What I get

So I am 100% able to use the CLI and install the project. I can even create users via the cli. But when I go to open it in the browser I get a 403 restricted error and if I navigate to the /public or /cp directory I get a 500 internal server error or a 404 not found error

How I am doing that

I have tried using this in both a subdirectory in XAMPP, the root of xampp, standalone using php artisan serve, in iis subdirectory and finally iis root directory. I did this for both the installed version from composer, statamic cli and cloning a git repo, still nothing

My resserch

I have looked it up on the forums and I mostly get results for v2, which is not what I want. or the links and resources mentioned are no longer available online. One main thing people mention is fixing certain things in my index.php file or settings.yaml. But both files do not exist on my server. I am also told to modify my .htacess file witch is also non-existent. I have checked to see if those files are just hidden, they are not.

What I am using

# Software Name Version cli or software
1 Composer 2.0.14 cli
2 git cli
3 npm 6.14.10 cli
4 php (iis) 8.0.0 software
4 php (xampp) 8.0.0 software
4 php (cli) 8.0.0 cli
5 iis 10.0.19041.1 dev server
6 xampp 8.0.0 dev server
7 Windows Windows 10 Pro 21H1 19043.1023 OS
8 statamic cli 2.0.0 cli
8 statamic 3.1.17 cms
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