Make Changelog "buttons" actually link to more information

I <3 the Changelog! I just wish it had one liiiiiittle improvement. Namely, I wish those "buttons" down the left edge... Yah, I know they're just categorization labels:

[    NEW     ]
[   FIXED    ]

But I wish each one would take me to a bit more explanation about what's been changed for the better.

For instance... Check out this example of what I'm talking about: Great new thing, but I blew right past it.


What if those labels were buttons, and you could tap whichever one caught your eye and instantly teleport yourself to exactly the right place in the freshly updated documentation?

Yah, I'm deramin'. I know you guys are way too busy. Still, at least a little elaboration on each point would be a big, big help. A paragraph or two? An example? A link to the conversation, like that one referenced just above? Sumpin'

Sure would be nice!

Answered by Jason Varga!
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