Not sure if I'm asking exactly the right question. I have about half a thousand entires-to-be, and they are all keyed by date. Specifically, each one is a synopsis of a radio show, and other than the date and time it aired, each individual entry has no title per se. Of course, the show has a title, but for each synopsis and associated link to the audio clip I just want to refer to it by date.

I can do it, but I have the feeling I may be missing some important insight, because the solution I come up with just feels redundant and ugly. For instance, if I end up setting the entry title to the date (which is all I want), I end up with files named something like


Yes, the URLs are all trimmed and tidy, and the dates show up as titles the way they should, and since users don't see the file names, it's just me that feels unclean, but,... Then there's also the issue of that redundancy in the CP, of the same thing having to be there twice--Title (date and time) being a duplicate of Publication Date + Publication Time.

I thought of simple alphabetical entries, letting the file names shorten to just the likes of (IMHO a BIG improvement), but the alphabetical entries thing seems to have gone missing from Statamic of late. (XREF:

So, do I "just live with it," or is there a better way?

TIA for any advice. :-)