Suggestion: Dictionaries

Dear Statamic Team,

Thank you for sharing the updated Roadmap. I absolutely love the direction you've taken with Statamic 3!

I would like to offer a small suggestion based on the "Next up" section. It seems that we're going to get new first-party fieldtypes: "iTunes Category, Language, Country, and Color Swatches". I understand and share that need. Creating a select field for all the countries is not the best experience :D However, I think that some of the problems new first-part fields are meant to solve, could be solved by the concept of Dictionaries, without creating new field types. Let me explain.

How would Dictionaries work?

In a simplest form:

  1. Dictionary would be a map of keys and labels.
  2. Users would be able to define their Dictionaries.
  3. Statamic would provide some built-in Dictionaries (Countries, etc.)
  4. Dictionaries could be assigned as Options for Select, Checkbox, Color and similar fields.

IMO that would be a very flexible and powerful addition to Statamic. Please think about it and let us know what you think :)

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