Glide Tag Help

In the following block of code, I'm trying to add the focal-point settings with Glide. I've tried many, many different code combinations of adding glide and nothing is working. Any suggestions?

<div class="hidden md:block md:w-1/2 px-4">
                        class="h-full w-full bg-cover rounded shadow-md"
                        style="background-image: url('{{ image_gallery }}{{ if first }}{{ image_gallery:0 }} {{ /if }}{{/image_gallery}}')"

Ideas such as: 1) Wrapping the div in a glide:batch tag. {{ glide:batch width="600" height="400" fit="crop_focal"}}

2) {{glide:image_gallery:0}} breaks and shows nothing.

The goal is to display the first image of several and that the fit is cropped by the focal point. I'm unsure how to update the background image src when there are several assets and declare glide.

Thanks in advance.

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