[NEWB] Confused about how Statamic is used with Github?


Sorry for this extremely nooby question, I'm brand new to Statamic after years of Wordpress devving.

I can't seem to understand how Stat actually integrates with Github. Everything in the 'Git Integration' section of the docs seems to be about how to use it once it's connected and authenticated, but how do I actually do that?

I can see that I already have .github & .gitignore in the file directory, so I assume it has been setup on some level, but how do I connect/import a site as a new repo in my Github account?

The docs mention that 'the authenticated user is used by default', but I can't find any mention of how to setup an authenticated user in the first place?

Sorry if this is a silly question, it just feels like I'm missing a giant step somewhere between creating the site and it then being 'deployable'.

Thanks for your time!

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