Control Panel UI buttons don't function with regularity

I have no idea what might be causing this since it happens often but without regularity. My team experiences difficulty using buttons on the Control Panel in v1.8.4, where they simply don't do anything or they refresh the page.

Odd behavior extends to these:

  • Save & Publish button at the top
  • Add a row [ + ] button on grid fieldtypes
  • Upload button on file fieldtypes

Am I an isolated case? Maybe a browser compatibility thing? I use Firefox primarily.

I honestly don't even want to attempt troubleshooting because this seems like an issue I couldn't possibly have caused in my config or theme, so I don't want to throw hours away banging my head against it. I'm posting here in case this is a known thing and there's a solution already available? This has been ongoing for at least several weeks.

Answered by UGA College of Education!
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