Route for multiple connected collections

Hey forum,

does anybody know how to solve this problem?

There are 3 collections: Pages, Collection1, Collection 2.

In Pages there is a page Grandmother, resolving to: /grandmother

The route for entries in Collection1 is: grandmother/{slug}
For the entry mother in Collection1 this is: /grandmother/mother

Some entries in Collection2 are connected to the mother-entry through an entries-field: parent_person (I tried to use "parent" as field but the data would not have been stored, probably a naming collision).
Let's say there is an entry child in Collection2, that is connected to the mother-entry in Collection1. What is the correct format for the route of Collection2 to resolve to /grandmother/mother/child?

I have tried the following as route in Collection2:
{parent_person}/{slug} --> resolves to 12345678-abcd-[…]/child (the id of mother)
{parent_person.slug}/{slug} --> resolves to parent_personslug/child
{{parent_person}}/{slug} --> resolves to 12345678-abcd-[…]/slug (the id of mother)
{{parent_person.slug}}/{slug} --> resolves to slug

Is it possible to end up with grandmother/mother/child? How can I resolve parent_person to the full slug of my entry in Collection1?

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