Extending CP makes requests 10x slower

I extended the CP to show reported posts in a community so admins can deal with those posts directly in the CP. As of now, I'm not even returning any data. But after implementing the basics, I noticed that all requests were significantly slower, across the whole page, not just the CP. So even regular Laravel routes took much longer to load.

Here is what I did:

In my AppServiceProvider I added this:

Statamic::pushCpRoutes(function () {
    Route::namespace('\App\Http\Controllers')->group(function () {
        require base_path('routes/cp.php');

In my config/app.php I added this line:


My StatamicCPExtend class looks like this:

use Statamic\Facades\CP\Nav;
use Statamic\Providers\AddonServiceProvider;

class StatamicCPExtend extends AddonServiceProvider
    protected $routes = [
        'cp' => __DIR__ . '/../routes/cp.php',

    public function boot()


    protected function createNavigation()
        Nav::extend(function ($nav) {
                    $nav->item('Gemeldete Beitr├Ąge')->route('emcommunity.reports')

The reports function in my controller looks like this:

public function reports()
    return view('cp.community-reports', [
        'title' => 'Community | Gemeldete Beitr├Ąge',
        'reports' => []

After removing the above code, the pages load fast again.

alt text

I'm not able to locate the issue. I wouldn't care if the CP takes a bit longer loading (and not the actual website), so maybe this whole logic could be only applied to the CP. Would that be possible and if so, how?

Answered by Andreas!
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