Two Bard annoyances

I'm using latest Statamic versions for some time, and it would be very solid experience, except two super annoying things in Bard field.

FIRST. I write tutorials, and usually I insert all the needed images to a Bard field one by one, with a paragraph of dummy text between the images. Then I look at the images and replace the dummy text with an actual tutorial steps.

Once in a while I need to add a new paragraph before an image which was inserted previously. Logically I'd just hit Enter after the current text, and new paragraph would appear before the image. But Bard field has it's own opinion - it just replaces the image below with a new paragraph. And to make things even more complicated there's no easy way to redo the change.

SECOND. Bard does not remember the last assets folder used. For example if I want to insert 12 images to a Bard field, I need to navigate to the needed folder again and again.

Any ideas?

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