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A Complete Guide About Different Embroidery Hoops

Embroidery hoops are a necessary part of the hand and machine embroidery functions. You can get perfect results with the best embroidery machine by correctly understanding the process of hoop fabric. Many machine manuals do not provide complete information about hooping, and beginners only gain necessary knowledge after experiences. They usually feel disappointments after failures due to improper hooping.

You can face problems with hooping while trying to align fabric, hoop, and stabilizer. This issue increases if you are embroidering on a slippery surface, even on the best embroidery machine. Therefore, it is necessary to learn the basic working of hooping during machine embroidery. This guide will inform you about common mistakes during hooping and various methods of machine hooping.

Common Embroidery Hooping Mistakes

Following are the common hopping mistakes that beginners usually make, as mentioned in any embroidery machine review.

  • Too tight or too loose hooping
  • Picking inappropriate hoop size
  • Hooping a single layer but forget to avoid the bottom layer
  • Hooping two layers and accidentally stitching both of them
  • Hooping in the wrong direction due to improper marking of items or other reasons
  • Distortion by pulling the fabric

Disadvantages of Poor Hooping

All these and other mistakes cause improper hooping. 

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  • Improper aligning of stitches in the design
  • Wrinkles or holes in the fabric
  • Development of permanent creases in the fabric
  • Embroidery designs not present in the center
  • Braking of top thread and nesting of bobbin thread

Steps for Correct Machine Embroidery Hooping

  • There are two main parts of an embroidery machine hoop. One of the frames is present at the bottom and the other at the top. Their shape and size can slightly differ according to the type of machine and brand. Both these parts are exclusive for their position, and you cannot replace them with each other.
  • The hoop attaches to the arm of the embroidery machine through a bracket on the bottom hoop frame. There is also a small screw on the base of this frame on a good embroidery machine. It adds or releases the tension on the hoop, which allows you to accommodate fabrics of varying thicknesses. Before commencing embroidering, you will place the fabric and stabilizer between the two frames.
  • Now, you will position all the layers properly. Place them tightly without wrinkles or undue stretching. Keeping the fiber at the center has importance, but a slight change in position is not alarming. Modern embroidery machines enable you to rotate the design according to your requirement.

On most occasions, the best option is to use the smallest hoop size that fits with your embroidery design. According to the Image embroidery machine review, this will bring accuracy to hooping and protects and stabilizer. It will also support the fabric during the embroidery process.


Embroidery hoops play a vital role during hand and machine embroidery. Therefore, learning their complete procedure is mandatory for the perfect embroidery results. Beginners often make several mistakes with embroidery hoops that they can avoid with a few precautions.

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