Static cache strategy [] is not defined.

Hi guys,

The company that I currently work for uses Statamic V.3 for a few of our sites. On my local machine, I have two company sites running without issue, as well as a third that I have been building to learn the system. However, with our largest site, I am given the following error any time I try to access it via my browser:

Static cache strategy [] is not defined.

Not sure if this is important, but we are using Laravel, NPM, and Alpine.js. I have Watch running in my terminal while attempting to access the site.

We recently moved the site from V.2 to V.3 (a huge challenge for my front-end team) and the live site is running just fine. It is only on my local machine that I am having this error. I am sure it is something obvious/simple, but I am still new to Statamic and development in general (I'm a designer), so go easy on me! Any advice helps. Thank you.

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