Ordering of pages

Hello, I'm starting with Statamic and really love it so far. It is great! I have one small problem though.

I have the following content structure: header_html_-__spartez_com__-_spartez_com_-____src_spartez_com_.png

and I'm trying to output it like this:

                {{ nav from="/{segment_1}" max_depth="2" folders_only="false" }}
                <li class="menu--item">
                    <a href="{{ url }}" class="menu--item-link{{ if is_current || is_parent }} menu--item__active{{ endif }}">{{ title|smartypants|widont }}</a>

                    {{ if children }}
                    <ul class="submenu">
                        {{ children }}
                            <li class="submenu--item">
                                <a href="{{ url }}" class="submenu--item-link">{{ title|smartypants|widont }}</a>
                        {{ /children }}
                    {{ endif }}

                {{ /nav }}

The problem is, that on the resulting list job offers item is last and not first. Note that blog and contact are ordered properly. The admin panel also shows everything in the right order.

Did I misunderstood the ordering mechanism or is it a bug? Thanks in advance! Cheers, Wojtek

Answered by Jack McDade!
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