tags list breaking layout on some pages

Running into an issue after upgrading to 1.9.1 in which, on some pages, when I have a tags list in an entries front matter, it ends up rendering the tags at the top of the <body>.

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 5.36.18 PM.png

I can't see a difference between tags that cause an issue, and tags which do not. For example:

Causes Error

  - component
  - animation
  - events
  - actions

No Error

  - draggy
  - basket
  - game

This is happening regardless of the yaml mode.

Any thoughts? Anyone see this before?


This seems to be caused by a partial I am calling that writes out tags and other metadata. It's breaking on some entries, but not others.

Edit 2:

Something very weird is happening here. Any list I have in the front matter of certain entries completely borks rendering for the element in which I'm trying to output the result.

For example, I added the following list to one of the effected files' frontmatter:

  - the first thing
  - another thing

In the content of that page, I tried to output the list:


This is output like this:

<article class="main-article">

  - the first thing
  - another thing

There is supposed to be a whole articles worth of content in that <article> element.

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