How to give an entry another template for outputting a single-page


Back again.... Liking Statamic still more and more, but figuring out some details.

When outputting the single-page for, lets say, a blog-entry, it uses the post-template. But if i want to give the single-page another template, i can add:

    display: Template
    type: templates

to the post.yaml fieldset.

So when you're making a new blog-entry, you can choose the right template from the drop-down menu for outputting the single-page .

But, i would be nice if i could put that information (i.e. the template to use) somewhere in a file and not showing the dropdown-menu at all. Can this be done?

I read something alike, but didn't quit understand it :(
Assigning default template for entries and Assigning template to entries

Kind regards, Erik

Answered by Gareth Redfern!
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