Getting an {{ url }} associated with {{ grouped_date }} working as in taxonomies : managing ARCHIVE

Statamic could be a superb blogging tool, but I cannot understand right now how you can easily generate archives by year or month (apart from just listing ALL entries by year or month!)...or using a third party plugin. Right now:

{{ taxonomy:listing }} allows us to access {{ taxonomy_name }} and a {{ url }} associated with it. So you can list taxonomies (i.e. categories) in a sidebar and when you click on a taxonomy title you can fire off a page that tests for {{ taxonomy_slug }} and then returns all entries associated with this particular taxonomy.

We need to have the same functionality for date in order to get only YEAR and/or MONTH in the sidebar, click on it and the page then returns ALL entries associated with this date.

Currently {{ grouped_date }} only is a way of organizing entries. You cannot click on {{ grouped_date }}. You don't have any {{ url }} associated with this tag either.

I am looking for a first party solution, though I understand that Jason Varga's Calendar plugin could do the trick.

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