wrong url after entries:listing folder="collectie/{{ segment_2}}"


Back again! This one would be great if it would work...

I'm trying to make an overview for a collection of pottery-items.

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So, it's all about nr 4-collectie. This is the overviewpage for all the individual collections and will, eventually, pull an image from the 1-monarch page, 2-glas page etc. This image will link to the individual collections, i.e. 1-monarch or 2-glas.

On the 1-monarch page, it renders the name of the collection, a summary, a picture of the collection and thumbnails for the items in that collection.

For rendering the individual thumbnails i use:

<div id="products">

{{ entries:listing folder="collectie/monarch" }}

   <div class="product first">
       <img src="{{ _site_url }}{{ collectieitem }}" />
       <a class="single" href="{{ url }}">{{ collectieitemname }}</a>

{{ /entries:listing }}


It works perfectly. It collects data from the 1-monarch folder, outputs the thumbnails of the items, with a link to that specific item, for example: collectie/monarch/platter If you click that link, you'll be sent to the single-page for that item.

So far so good

If i want the same result for the 2-glas folder, i change: {{ entries:listing folder="collectie/monarch"}} to {{ entries:listing folder="collectie/glas" }}

Again it lists everyting, including the URL beneath the thumbnail, for example: collectie/glas/draaiding2

But that means that for every new collection (for example 3-wood), i have to make a specific template for each collection and change the foldername in the entries:listing. It would be nice if i could make one template, handling every collection-name.

So, i made one template and changed {{ entries:listing folder="collectie/monarch" }} in {{ entries:listing folder="collectie/{{ segment_2}}" }} Now, when visiting collectie/monarch or collectie/glas (or for example collectie/wood) the entries:listing folder is changed accordingly in folder="collectie/monarch", folder="collectie/glas" or folder="collectie/wood". And it again shows all the items and thumbnails, BUT (and this part i don't understand) now the URL in {{ collectieitemname }} doesn't show the right path. Actually, no path at all! It returns: collectie/monarch or collectie/glas, this is not the correct link to the single-pagefor that item (that would be collectie/monarch/platter or collectie/glas/draaiding2)

Any suggstions?

Answered by Curtis Blackwell!
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