Implementing Bloodhound search causing Lex syntax error

Hi there,

I have been following the Bloodhound introduction video to set up my Search engine. As soon as I add this code:

            {{ bloodhound:search }}
                {{ if no_query }}
                    <!-- do nothing -->
                {{ elseif no_results }}
                    <h4>Sorry :(</h4>
                    <p>Nothing found. Maybe try searching something else?</p>
                {{ else }}
                    {{ if first }}
                        <h4>Hey, we found some stuff!</h4>
                        {{ endif }}

                            <a href="{{ url }}">{{ title }}</a>

                    {{ if last }}
                {{ endif }}
            {{ /bloodhound:search }}

When I then view the search page, I get this error at the top of my page:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /mnt/stor9-wc1-dfw1/653228/927718/ : eval()'d code on line 20

I am running v. 1.9.1. The search doesn't work either, so don't know if this syntax error is related?

Can anyone work out why I am getting this error?

Many thanks in advance.

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