Yes, I can update information in _config/users/membername.yaml files via

{{ member:profile_form }}
{{ /member:profile_form }}


But—credit where credit's due—that's totally because I monkey-see-monkey-do'd @garth_redfern's fine membership how-to example on github. (I'm a nearly a complete noob at both this member fields thing, and Raven too.)

I've been vigorously beating on several nearby documentation bushes for answers, but... Before the ditches I'm going around and around in get any deeper, lemme ask:

Q: Would using Raven bring anything to this party?


Q: What is the relationship between the two things, if any?


Q: If they do go together—how? (Is there an example somewhere? Monkey wants to know!)


Q: What are you smart folks doing?


(See? I'd'a made this a form if... ! ;-)

Answered by Jason Varga! Go to answer.