Membership login success page based on role

Hi all,

Very much a novice to the advanced features of Statamic so please go easy on me.

I'm currently scoping out a site where my customer wants to set-up customer membership areas where once the member is logged in, they'll be taken to a specific landing page based on their role/profile.

I understand you can 'protect' pages without having to create member accounts but I see this as working slightly differently.

There would be on centralised login form accessed via the page header. When the user logs, the system will check to see what role or profile they belong to and then forward them to the landing page for that specific profile i.e. profile 1 will result in landing 1, profile 2 will result in landing 2 and so on.

Is this achievable? For some reason I'm not finding that information on the learn docs (but I'm probably just missing something)



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