Invert image with {{ transform }}

Hi, Very new to Statamic, but excited about the potential.

One use case I've just come up against is inverting image colors on the fly.

Say I have a page which lists out customers, and each has a logo associated with it. I have a field for the image.

I want to display the logo image in greyscale, with the color version as a hover state. So far that's easy using {{ transform greyscale="yes" }}

There's another page on the site where I want to pull in selected customer profiles, and the design calls for the logos to be reversed out in white on a dark background. It would be ideal if I could use the same source image and achieve this with a transform, something like {{ transform greyscale="yes" invert="yes" }}

I'm assuming that operation is possible in the GD Library.

Answered by Jack McDade!
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