Rename Files on Upload Automatically (using entry title)

Asset management can become quite a mess once publishers/editors start to add files to entries. Specially because usually there's no control of file naming, so we get a bunch of files in the server with completely random names and we just don't know if they are being used or not.

What if Statamic could rename the files automatically on upload? It could be a parameter such as “rename”:

   display: Images
   type: file
   allowed: [png, gif, jpg, jpeg]
   destination: assets/img/
   rename: yes

And then it would work like this:

  1. If an image is uploaded, Statamic would rename it using the same name as the entry or page title.

  2. If multiple images are uploaded, it would simply be appended by numbers: entry-title.jpg, entry-title-2.jpg, etc.

Another option that would be useful: replacing of files. So if I edit an entry and change a file to another file, that old file (useless in 99% of the cases) is deleted from the server.

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