Statamic (1.9.2) not sending/posting data

Alright—this one is a beast.

I've been having recent issues with Statamic, Bison, and FileClerk not posting data.

Here is a list of the set up:

  • Statamic 1.9.2, Bison 1.3.0, FileClerk (beta)
  • Statamic is not posting or accepting anything in the Suggest fieldtype
    • I am using the Suggest fieldtype in taxonomy mode
  • Bison does not show any of the forms (add_to_cart, for example) on the template pages
  • FileClerk is not uploading to S3, but I can select previously uploaded things on S3.
    • It does, however, show a 200 (success) message in the Network tab
  • This is happening on both localhost (MAMP) and my live environment (MediaTemple)

Some debugging things that I have tried (and failed):

  • Downgraded to Statamic 1.9.0 and Statamic 1.8.0
  • Removed all add-ons and slowly added them back in.
    • Even after removing Bison and FileClerk, Suggest still does not work
  • Removed taxonomy mode from Suggest
    • Interestingly enough, the Tags fieldtype does work.

I'm thinking it has to be something with my actual Statamic files. Has anyone experienced this? Any other debugging suggestions?

Answered by Mike Martin!
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