Statamic Bugs & Issues with a New Host

I have a client that desired leaving Digital Ocean in favor of a new host, iPage. (Ugh.)

I've been running into issues with the Statamic backend since.

  • /admin.php/pages is totally error free.
  • The errors begin as soon as you enter a page-editing screen, such as /admin.php/publish?path=/page.
    • Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 13.54.33.png
    • Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 13.54.45.png

I believe this is a result of a strange redirect that's happening on this server, and it's not something I've seen happen on any other host.

Basically, in the admin/themes/ascent/layouts/default.php file, on lines 19 & 145, it's calling the hooks that will put the Javascript files that need to be loaded for that page in the header or footer, respectively.

According to the loaded page source, it's loading http://site.url/_add-ons/color/js/jquery.spectrum.js, but slapping and error at the top of the Javscript so that it looks like this:

Notice: Undefined index: QUERY_STRING in /hermes/bosoraweb183/b1667/ipg.siteurl/_app/core/statamic.php on line 282
// Spectrum Colorpicker v1.0.2
// Author: Brian Grinstead
// License: MIT

(function (window, $, undefined) {
    var defaultOpts = {


I believe this is due to the fact that that Javascript file is actually located at http://site.url/_app/core/bundles/color/js/jquery/spectrum.js - so, theoretically, would that error be tagged on the top of that JS file because it's looking in the wrong place? Again, the page source references a link to that file that doesn't exist, but if you look at the file that is linked to, the code is present, but with that error at the top, which seems to be breaking the JS.

Sigh. Anybody have any ideas?

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