Ok, so I am trying to put a set of text links onto my homepage over the top of images which will be a long scrolling one page. The images are in place and scroll correctly, and my nav stays fixed (as it should), but the links are also fixed with the nav and don't move with the images.

As they don't need to appear on every page I have placed them in a content page (for the home page that they need to be shown on), and have subsequently tried placing them in the template as well, but not the layout as stated above, I only need them on one page. The CSS attributes work, minus positioning, but I can't see (using Firebug) any inheritance from another div. I was wondering if it is something to do with the page structure or general taxonomy I'm missing?

Sorry for what is a particularly beginners question, all has been going well up to this point, and just stuck on this. Otherwise, Statamic is a dream to use, haha, any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.