The form submissions are showing up in the admin panel but nothing is being sent to the designated email or recipient. Any ideas? I am using the default Raven.yaml and for simplicity letting it send via PHP

# Form submissions can be saved to YAML files
submission_save_to_file: true

# Location (from root) to save form submissions
submission_save_path: _forms/

send_notification_email: true

# Choose your mail service
# available services:
#    - mandrill
#    - mailgun
#    - postmark
#    - sendgrid

# chosen mail service's api key

master_killswitch: false

datestamp_format: "m/d/Y

Am I missing something?


# Location (from root) to save form submissions
submission_save_path: _forms/

# Prefix your files with a string which are saved in the format:
file_prefix: contact

# Fields allowed to be submitted in the form, automatically
# purging anything and everything else
  - name
  - questions
  - email

# You are not required to require fields, but once you do, any missing
# from the POST will squash this submission and send a list of
# missing fields to your {{ raven:errors }} tagpair
  - name
  - email

submission_save_extension: yaml

# Apply validation rules to specific fields. Refer to documentation
# for a full list of available rules and their format
  name: alpha
  email: email

# Error messages can be mapped to your fields and passed to the
# template upon failure. They will be available here:
# {{ raven:error }}
#     {{ invalid }}
#         {{ field }} : {{ message }}
#     {{ /invalid }}
# {{ /raven:error }}
  name: "Must be made of letters. Who named you?"
  email: "That's not a email. Are you from the past?"

# Configure notification email
  to: [email protected]
  from: {{ from }}
  subject: Thank You from Hawaii Adventure Center
  automagic: true
  # html_template: html_email
  # text_template: text_email

datestamp_format: "m/d/Y"

    - name
    - email
    - questions