Just starting to get my trousers off with Statamic. So far its a breath of much needed fresh (mountain) air. Everything appears to be so beautifully designed its slotting into place for me nicely. Apart, perhaps, from one area in particular that I'm sure will be embarrassingly simple, but right now I just can't see it.

So, I have created my theme files; layouts, partials, templates even some variables and the site is looking great. Whats confusing me though is how do I map the blocks of text and images on my pages to Fieldsets in the CP that the owner can then edit? For, you see, that text is not in the content area of the page.md - its either in the layout, template, or being pulled in from a variable in the theme yaml.

So for example, lets say that in my layout or template I have

<div id ="content_container"> 

and in there I have a block of text. How do I surface that text for user editing? Same thing with images, inside the content_container div I have, for example two images one floating left, one floating right - what would be the best practice way of surfacing them so that the user can change them from the CP?

Would very much appreciate any help and guidance about how to accomplish this.

Many thanks.