Last night I wrote an add-on that allows more flexibility with Statamic code in entries. Currently Statamic tags need to be wrapped in a fence or you won't be able to edit the entries in the CP (the code disappears). This can be annoying for people who prefer to indent or have a dedicated field for code that doesn't need to be parsed by Markdown && edit their entries.

I tweeted this image of the field before realizing exactly how prism.js works:


I need to use something else if code-coloring and other niceties are to be a part of it. My research brought me to CodeMirror and Ace. Does anyone have experience with both or either of these?

What do you dis/like about them? Know of something else that would be better-suited?

This will be available for free on GitHub, once it's more than just a simple textarea that doesn't parse Statamic tags contained within.