I am trying to use the entries tag to only pull in taxonomy listings from the current content folder but I'm having issues. In the docs it mentions to leave the folder tag out and it will search the current folder but it just picks up every post i've published in all folders using the same category tag.

My code so far

  {{ entries:listing folder="" taxonomy="true" }}
    {{ if no_results }}
       <p class="sorry">
       Nothing found for {{ taxonomy_name }}.</p>
    {{ else }}
    {{ theme:partial src="taxonomy-listing" use_context="true" }}
    {{ endif }}
    {{ /entries:listing }}

My folder structure. Blog and episodes each have separate content but can use the same category tag names i.e "designer". But instead of pulling in taxonomy listings from each respective folder separately. It bundles all the results in from both folders!

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 12.34.25.png