Simplify retrieving URL for a taxonomy tag

Follow-up from two discussions:

I'm still looking for a better URL method in the taxonomy tag pair. Instead of:

{{ tags }}
    <li><a class="button" href="/blog/tags/{{ name|slugify|lower }}">{{ name }}</a></li>
{{ /tags }}

This would be be simpler if it also reflected the settings.yaml file like {{ taxonomy_name }}:

{{ tags }}
    <li><a class="button" href="{{ url }}">{{ name }}</a></li>
{{ /tags }}

Ideally, we'd have access to {{ url }} from within the tag pair for a taxonomy, so we don't have to hardcode part of the href attribute and it would behave identically to {{ taxonomy:listing }}.

{{ name|slugify|lower }} is the only way to do this from a tag pair now.

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