Hi All! I'm fairly new to Statamic but having fun tinkering so far :^)

I'm working on a small blog and maybe i'm over thinking things, so i thought i'd reach out to the community and see if anyone has some advice for a novice!

The blog has 6 main categories, each of which has 4 sub-categories. So the first thing that occurred to me was, the way categories is set up in the demo content isn't suitable mainly because its not a fixed list. I'd like the user to ONLY be able to choose one of the defined categories.

My first idea was to only define the sub-categories as a checkbox list (allowing an article to be filed under more than one category at a a time). That way when listing the main categories... i'd instead just be listing the 4 sub-categories... so the main ones don't really exist other than for the purposes of front end organisation. ahem...

But i'm not entirely convinced this is a good way of doing it (plus then the admin page is super tall because it has a list of 24 check boxes on it before you even get to the content.

Any suggestions are gratefully received :^D