Targeting Iterations of the Grid Field Type

I have a situation where I need to pass an iteration of a variable generated by Grid to a modal. There are multiple iterations within the content. Here a sample of the content:

    promo_header: 'Evaluating Risk & Reward'
    promo_text: 'View the Webcast: Evaluating Risk and Reward in R&D and Innovation Projects'
    promo_header: 'Integrating Data & Expertise'
    promo_text: 'Get the Report: Integrating Data and Expertise to Prioritize Highest Value Innovation Investments'

As you can see, there is no way to differentiate between versions of {{ promo_header }}. Is there a way to append these with an array index of some kind? (ex. promo_header_1 etc)

They are being called like this:

{{ sidebar_grid }}
      <div class="sidebar-item">
        <h4>{{ promo_header }}</h4>
        <p>{{ promo_text }}</p>
 {{ /sidebar_grid }}

Trying to pass the appropriate iteration of {{ promo_header }} into a modal.

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