Bug with Dipper (and possibly Redactor)?

So I was getting some weird behavior on my redactor fields. It wasn't consistent, but a lot of the time any text in-between double quotes would be wiped out and replaced with some a weird token, ex: [email protected]. The numbers were different most of the time. Again, it wasn't super consistent, sometimes it would work, others not so much.


But I wasn't getting any errors, something was replacing that text. I thought it was a bad paste from Word, but after playing with it enough to find a pattern, I finally got the attached error.


I don't have time right now to dig through and see where it's getting tripped up, so I swapped my YAML mode from quick to loose and it's working again.

Just thought I'd report it for the gentleman and anyone else banging their head on this issue.

Answered by Jason Varga!
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