A very fond farewell to Fred

Today is a bittersweet day.

Fred is leaving Statamic. Fred and I have worked together side-by-side (virtually) on Statamic for over two years now. We’ve built something to be tremendously proud of, something that will continue to live and grow for a long time, thanks to Fred.

I’m sad for myself selfishly, because I’m going to miss working with him on a day to day basis. I’m sad for Statamic because he’s an incredibly talented developer and was a great partner to work with. We complimented each other very well.

But I’m immensely happy for Fred, because he will now have a chance to rearrange his personal life in a way that will have huge positive impacts for him and his family. Let’s face it, this is just software, and we’re just building websites. Long after we’re gone, Statamic is forgotten, and the internetless post-apocalyptic world is overrun with zombies and undead fell-stags, the cascading effects of the lives of people we had a chance to touch and change will carry on. Fred is making difficult choices and sacrifices now in order to take control of his family legacy, and I’m proud of him for it.

So be sad for the end of this chapter, but be happy for Fred. Good things will come from this, we just can’t see them all yet.

I have great new plans for Statamic that are already under way. Jason is stepping up into a bigger role and Gareth is going to be forefront on professional services we’ll be offering in 2015. But more on that later, today is Fred’s day, and please take the chance to thank him for his hard work and wish him well for the future.

And he lived happily ever after to the end of his days.

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