Location maps not displayed in production server - Statamic 1.9

Hi nice people,

In my development machine I have properly configured maps for a couple of fieldsets in a Statamic-based site. However, in the production server (AWS EC2) those don't work.

While in the local machine there is no error messages in the console, in the production server I'm getting some errors related to the location add-on:

GET http://simssa.ca/_add-ons/location/css/leaflet.css publish?path=foo/path 
GET http://simssa.ca/_add-ons/color/css/spectrum.css publish?path=foo/path 
GET http://simssa.ca/_add-ons/location/css/override.css publish?path=foo/path 
GET http://simssa.ca/_add-ons/color/js/jquery.spectrum.js publish?path=foo/path 
GET http://simssa.ca/_add-ons/location/js/leaflet.js publish?path=foo/path 
GET http://simssa.ca/_add-ons/location/js/jquery.location.js 404 

However in the development machine these same links are referred to


I guess I need to change something in BASE_PATH or __DIR__ in index.php but I haven't found the solution yet.


Answered by Andy Pillip!
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