{{ nav:breadcrumbs }} should not trim whitespace

It's a bit annoying that {{ nav:breadcrumbs }} trims whitespace forcing the need for NBSP tags. I'd rather have an extra space which browsers collapse than making the code less readable.

Developers can always run it through this afterward: https://github.com/mattstein/statamic-killwhite

But it's annoying having to hardcode whitespace like this:

<title>{{ _site_name }}{{ nav:breadcrumbs include_home="false" }}&nbsp;&raquo; {{ title }}{{ /nav:breadcrumbs }}</title>

I'd rather write:

<title>{{ _site_name }} {{ nav:breadcrumbs include_home="false" }}&raquo; {{ title }} {{ /nav:breadcrumbs }}</title>
Answered by Jason Varga!
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