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New content/entry hook/api

Erin Dalzell December 25, 2014 by Erin Dalzell

Two separate, but related scenarios that revolved around new content:

  1. I would like a way of indicating to Statamic that there is new content. For example, I wrote an XML-RPC add-on so I can post from MarsEdit. However, Statamic doesn't "know" there is new content so it doesn't automatically update the cache nor call any of the post-publish hooks.
  2. I want to implment PusSubHubub support and to do that I need to perform an action when there is updated content. If I use a publish hook, I can do when the CP is used, but when I update via MarsEdit, that hook isn't called.

So, I would like a way to indicate that there is new content (1st FR), and a hook I can register so I can write a PubSubHubub add-on.

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