insert dynamic stuff "within" a single piece of static content

So, I had this bright idea of giving my simple About page a listing of my blog's tags — right in its middle.

It occurs to me that every piece of Markdown content is normally handled as a discrete unit. So I suppose that the simplest solution involves these steps:

  1. Break my single /about/ file into 2 files (each optionally protected from direct viewing):
  2. Set to use a template (partial, whatever) that has 3 tag pairs:
    • first, a pair to show part A of my About content:
      {{ entries:listing folder="about" limit="1" }}{{ content }}{{ /entries:listing }}
    • second, a pair to list the tags:
      {{ taxonomy:listing folder="blog" type="tags" }} [code to create unordered list goes here] {{ /taxonomy:listing }}
    • third, a pair to show part B of my About content (same as the first, plus offset="1")

It works. But am I overlooking a simpler or better way?

Answered by Logan Greer!
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