Basic Raven: Checkboxes

I am having a few issues with what I perceive to be very basic form functionality, so I am posting them here in the lodge to find out if they have equally basic resolutions.

Up first, I'm using a {{ taxonomy:listing }} to list checkboxes for a form that creates a file. The file is created successfully, but the value stored is only for one checkbox, no matter how many are checked.

Here's a template snippet:

{{ taxonomy:listing folder="/{ segment_3 }" type="general_information" }}
  <input type="checkbox" name="general_information" id="{{ name }}" value="{{ name }}">
  <label for="{{ name }}">{{ name }}</label><br>
{{ /taxonomy:listing }}

And a snippet from the resulting file after submitting the form:

general_information: italian

How I want the YAML to appear:

  - italian
  - mexican
  - american


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