Taxonomy listings and conditions

I'm running v1.8.2. I'm trying to limit my taxonomy listings. I have a couple of templates such as dui-listing. These templates have links for other offenses and elements related to the main charge. I'm pulling these entries from a folder titled references. To make that association clear for all posts, I created a new tag field which I called "elements" with instructions to tag all posts issues and offenses related of the main charge. For example,

  - expired tag
  - breathalyzer 

The first one is an additional offense, and the second is an issue related to a dui. I modified settings.yaml accordingly. Using conditions to limit those listings seems like the logical approach; however, I'm not understanding something in the documentation. This is my code currently:

{{ taxonomy:listing folder="references" type="elements" conditions="type:dui" limit="5" taxonomy="true" }} 
  {{ if first }} 
  {{ endif }} 

  <li><a href="{{ url }}">{{ name }}</a></li> 

  {{ if last }} 
  {{ endif }} 

{{ /taxonomy:listing }} 

Thanks for the help, and, if there's a simpler method for filtering these listings, I'd appreciate the advice.

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