Raven: Can I save file to folder based on URL?

I am building a tourism website. The site is divided into 7 business categories and I have a form for business owners to submit their business details, which creates a file on the website. I'd like the store the file in a location defined by the 3rd URL segment like so:

submission_save_to_file: true

# extra space for emphasis
submission_save_path: "_content/{{ segment_3 }}/"

submission_save_extension: md
filename_format: "_1.{{ title|slugify }}"

But doing so creates a folder called {{ segment_3 }} at my content root.... obviously that's not what I want. I tried _content/{{ segment_3 }}/ with and without quotes "". Suggestions? I don't get why using a Statamic tag works for filename_format but not for submission_save_path.

Answered by Jason Varga!
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